Kelme special school was founded in 1992. The school is state-owned, budgetary special educational institution of Kelme.

Kelme special school is a basic school for pupils (children and youth) from 7 to 21 years old with special educational needs, mental and complex disability: children with severe, moderate and easy mental, movement, sensorial and language deficiencies, learning disabilities, socio-affective and behavioural problems. There are special classes for children with high special educational needs and training classes for children with very high special educational needs and social skill development classes.

According to the Medical Advisory Commission’s conclusions and parent’s requests, students can be educated at home.

Students are taught the main school subjects, also including information technologies.

They attend motion correction, speech therapy and physiotherapy occupations.

Our students have many opportunities to develop individual competencies in extra curriculum

activities too.

Most of our students are from the villages and from very poor and disadvantaged families, so they can stay 5 working days a week at school in a school dormitory and can get meals and beds for free. School works 24 hours per day except the weekends. If students don’t stay at school all day round after the lessons they can take part in a different kind of extra curriculum activities which last till 16.00 o’clock every day. At the same time we pay great attention to their parents and give them methodical information and different kind of consultations.

Every time we are looking for new and useful services. The biggest achievement is a Day care centre opened in February 2020. Working hours are from 7.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. every day except weekends. Visitors of our centre are adults and children with severe and very severe disabilities. We have 2 social workers, 5 social worker’s assistants, ergotherapy and kinezytherapy specialists who have individual and group activities consideration to visitor’s abilities. Also we have wood, clay and sport specialists who have daily activities as well. All occupations are adapted to our visitor’s abilities and we are trying to encourage their independence in various life areas. We have gardening, cooking, musical and craft occupations during our daily activities. Day care centre participate not only in Kelme special school events, but also in other public events in order to integrate to our society.

The number of staff working at school is 61. There are 70 learners and 28 visitors in a Day care centre.